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Im back in the game!


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Hi all, 

Im back! After hacking a tendon in my hand and spending 10 weeks in a splint following surgery, im allowed to fish again! :) So what happening, where's fishing, are there kingies about?

A more structured question id like to ask is about drifting for flaties in open water.  I went south for the first time since my surgery and played with some kings (busted off by all) and there were some blokes drifting in open water (15-18m) chasing flaties.  Ive never had much luck doing it, and am just wondering what the general technique is? Plastics, jigs etc...


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You drifting from the yak?

If so I recommend the Flathead killer drift rig ?. Jighead heavy enough to get to the bottom but enough so it bounces, with your choice of plastic with a twisted dropper 30-50cms above it. If you go 30cm you can add another twisted dropper. Rigged with circle hooks and squid (last longer) or squid and pilchard on the second hook. 

Drop the rig over and let it touch bottom, give it a few winds to tighten the slack and drift away ?

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That sounds quite civilised lungfai, might have to give it a go.  The blokes were about 100m north off port wall down south and got a few.  Im normally there for the kings but i do like a flatie for dinner.

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The spearos are sighting some meter plus kings outside both walls at Port Kembla, haven't heard of any line caught. No dollies at shellharbour or kiama fads yet (atleast not last week ).

Plenty of flathead coming out of lake illawarra in around 1 meter of water.

Id say the number one rule for flatties weather bait or plastic is to maintain contact with the bottom.

Yo haven't missed much, the winds have been pretty average of late. 

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