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Thesis Submitted! A Big Thankyou


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Hey Raiders,

For the past 4 years I have been working hard on my PhD thesis on the development of new medications for mental disorders. I honestly could not have dealt with the frustrations and headaches that come with research and writing a 340 page document, formatting it and finally publishing if it hadn't been for Fishraider.

80 000 words later and I am less than 2 days away from freedom! Although I have not been able to wet a line as often as I would have liked, I have managed to check out these forums a couple times a week which has kept me sane in knowing that there are plenty of fish out there to be caught!

Special thanks to Royce (Luderick -Angler) who taught me the dark arts over the past year. I have been absent from his weekend fishing trips for the past few months but it helped me through the weeks when I was heading out every Sunday.

So Thank you all!

I'll be fishing a fair bit over the next few weeks!


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Good luck with your PhD Will. Fishraider has helped me immensely over the past 5 months of inability to fish due to floods, so I know what you're saying. Good luck with the fishing, too. Cod season opens tomorrow so I too will be busy. Woohoo. Cheers, BN

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Congrats will. And that is the beauty of Fishraider. All of us like minded fishos that can't get out there ourselves, at least we can share in someone else's experience! 

Good luck on the fishing time you now get and look forward to reading your posts!

cheers scratchie!!! 

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budzsta interesting thesis! Would love to read your published papers :)

I have heard many from USyd and UNSW present work being done in this area. I am a Nurse Informatician and was just reading some stuff on genome sequencing around family groups with bipolar. New medications - send me some info :)

Great to think Fishraider is helping our researchers like yourself to improve our wellbeing!

Look forward to your reports.

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I will pretty much only be working a few days a week (when I am needed to supervise students in a lab if someone else is sick) and on Saturdays (I know, it sucks, but I tutor chemistry on saturdays to fund my fishing addiction)

So! Apart from that, who is free for a fish? :P

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