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Black water after the floods 2016

big Neil

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2 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

wow  that's compelling viewing but upsetting at the same time...its hard to imagine just how many fish didn't survive this sad event...hopefully some decent size fish  have survived in the system to maintain stocks..rick

We humans have a responsibility to do everything possible to minimize the impact of these (otherwise) natural occurrences. Lots of people are questioning whether (SCIENCE) can find better solutions to this problem. One thing is for sure we can't keep losing 20 -40 year old fish and expect the numbers of Cod to increase...that's a gimme. Cheers, BN

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It is very distressing to see the tragic effects of black water on these iconic fish. Such a waste of life. All the great conservation work undone in a very short period of time. The trouble seems to occur as stagnant water from flooded land returns to the rivers. I am not sure what the solution is, as it would be almost impossible to introduce the black water into waterways more slowly.

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