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fishing rose bay, new south wales


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hi all, i just moved to rose bay and i'm a keen fisherman. last Saturday i walked from my house to the ferry wharf and started to flick zman grubs, chasing bream and flathead. i spent a few hours there as the sun went down, i had a few bites but nothing landed. later an older man and his wife walked up beside me and started to fish. they had live yabbies and were pulling in fish after fish. i just wanted to ask you guys where i can either buy or pump yabbies around rose bay. im only on my L plates so i cant drive around the city very often. also where are some good spots around rose bay that have worked for you? im relatively new to fishing and i am excited to see what i can catch. any information will go along way. thanks guys.

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Rose Bay has been pretty hit and miss for me personally but I have heard it does go off in summer.

Not sure about where to pump for yabbies there, you'd best ask other people fishing the area and see if someone might help you out.

Watsons Bay and the rocks over the other side of the bay are also good spots.

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20 minutes ago, takethebait said:

You can't pump yabbies in Sydney Harbour.  I'd be interested to know if you can buy them anywhere.

Not sure if im allowed to post tackle stores but i usually pick mine up at Drummoyne Bait and tackle they have a facebook, i usually buy few nippers and worms when im there and always work a treat

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