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Time o move on


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Well after agonising for the past year we decided it was time to sell the boat. With our son having sport that is mandatory on Saturdays we simply don't have the time to use the thing any more. So Eeyore will be paid for in the morning and we will be boat less. We will stay in touch here and who knows, we could pop up in a dedicated fishing boat such as a Signature 702L any time. I had one of these years ago and liked it.

stay safe and I look forward to reading of everyone's success over the summer months. 

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That is sad to hear Harold.  I will miss it sitting on the middle of JB in winter! Well, your welcome to come and sleep on scratchie during the hairtail social, plenty of room! Lol. 

Im sure you'll be itching to get another soon though! All the best.

cheers scratchie!!!  

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Thanks guys. From where I sit it made sense. A boat like Eeyore costs circa $60k a year in berthing, anti fouling, servicing, maintenance and finally fuel. If you are not using it often stuff goes wrong as it is just sitting in a corrosive environment. 

I am sure we will be back on the water in something before the next Hairtail comp and HBA will still remain involved with Fishraider.

Now go and catch some fish!!

PS I think we have some other competition for a Fitbit. Will find out off our marketing team and post it here, would be good if another raider won again. 








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There will always be room on the pirate ship if needed.

How much rum can you drink though?


PS. The FITBIT has helped lose 6 Kg in 7 weeks. She loves it!

Major Brownie points for me & just after I installed a new kitchen. Can fish any time! LOL.



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My old Boss (who is Quite Wise) used to say that there are only 2 DAYS that you are TRULY HAPPY about your Boat ... The Day you BUY IT & the Day you SELL IT !!! Everything else in between it's a MONEY PIT ....LOL... 

Don't Worry Harold If you & your Son ever need to get out for a quick fish "YOU GUYS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO JOIN ME & ANTHONY FOR A DAY OUT "  It's the least I could do after All the GENEROSITY you & your Family have shown all us Fishraiders over the Years ....

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