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Viking profish GT and espri


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i did a quick search, but couldn't find any historical info so was curious if any one has any experience with either of these yaks. Possibly you own one or have done some research into them.

im looking at getting a GT for myself and an espri for my wife.  

Any feed back would be appreciated 



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Tracks well, stable and can carry an abundance in weight for each class. Those I know who have had one usually threw on a motor until they turned to the dark side and got a Pedal powered ?

I borrowed the Viking a few times, the one I borrowed had a flatter bottom so was stable but was hard to get to and maintain top speed, arms got tired, probably explains why a motor mod was added on or swapped for a pedal powered.

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So far only estuaries, but that's no indication of its ability.  

I'm my opinion I would lose my nerve before the GT showed any sort of limitations.

I can reach everything easily , it had lots of storage and at 3.6m it's easy to transport.

If I had the money I would have gone for the Reload however just due to speed. 




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Damos, pm and ill give you some info. Ive demoed all 3 profish yaks. They really are all suited for a different style.  The gt is like a rock and very stable, but has a big blunt bow which i felt hurt it's speed. The 440 was more streamline but doesn't have that genius table pod

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