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Weekend at the Entrance


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Hi raiders!

Spent the past weekend at the Entrance, hoping to get some beach fishing experience in and first-time prawning on Saturday night.

Fished Buff Point at Budgewoi during the day for a few bream, and a bunch of undersize. Stopped after an hour or two because the bait wasn't holding on the hook (unfortunately had some really soft chicken breast). They were on the bite though, I was hooking up before I could even tighten my line after casting! Plenty of activity in the water around the high tide.

Killed some time with board games with my mother and partner until nightfall and started prepping our beach gear. As we were loading the car, the wind picked up out of nowhere! Decided to play it safe and give beach and prawning a miss, we didn't really want to get out in the middle of a gale. 


Got unlucky with the wind, but snagged a feed for dinner. We also caught a 4th keeper, but released it as it was enough of a feed for us.




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Some nice bream there Luke. I hope you didn't cut yourself when you were cleaning them. Lol. 

Sorry I couldn't help with the prawning Saturday night. 

Maybe in the new year. 

Theres stacks of prawns but small in size

cheers Steve. 

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Thanks guys!

I didn't get myself with the knife this time Steve, but one of the bream got me with the spikes on the belly fin!

Next time you head out for prawns let me know and I'll come for a drive up. I've got my own torch and net now! 

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