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Things to do in 2017


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21 hours ago, NaClH2OK9 said:

Tight lines buddy. I'm sure it will be a dream. 

I've only one wish,  and that's to nail that bloody marlin that's been hiding from me.... 

Pirates all the way!! 

I was very inpatient when I first started chasing them. It's just time on the water Steve and your time will come! :) 

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Sorry guys, I'm living the life. Retirement allows me to go fishing whenever I want. (Although the 5 month enforced break last year was very hard to take). You guys need to ensure that you'll be able to enjoy the sport when it's your time to retire. Look after the resource and encourage others to do likewise... Till then enjoy life as it is and look forward to the next adventure on the water. Cheers,BN

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