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Murray Cod season to date

big Neil

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Have been out today for a fish on the 'bidgee and had the best day so far, since Cod opening on Dec 1st. Today mate Jeff and I accounted for 11 Murray Cod and 1 Trout Cod. What was notable was that almost all were either legal or nearly legal size. This has been a stark contrast to the records so far where I've only had 3 legal size (2 in the 'bidgee, and 1 in the Ovens River, Victoria at Porepunkah). Only managed 25 Cod in about a dozen outings. Hardly setting the world alight, and way down on previous years early reports

The river where I live has been up and down like a fiddler's elbow but today looked promising with a rising barometer and water level adding to the 25c water temp. Tried shrimps, worms, shrimps and worms and cheese with the cheese being the only bait being taken.

I haven't been able to get into the lures and spinnerbaits yet as the river flow is too quick at present. Can't wait to get into the spinnerbaits, surface and subsurface lures when the conditions present themselves.

IMG_6228 - Copy (2).JPG

66cm Murray Cod...


Snags galore

IMG_6229 - Copy (4).JPG

61 cm Murray Cod


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5 hours ago, TheSmarty said:

Caught a nice one off a Bidgee beach on cheese few weeks back. Beautiful 50 cm fish, out for a photo with my son then went back in for next year.


Lovely looking fish aren't they? Well done guys. BN

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3 hours ago, Scratchie said:

Keep those reports coming Neil. I really enjoy reading them. I don't do much freshwater fishing, so it's very interesting for me! Cheese??? Bega or coon??? :)

cheers scratchie!!! 

Colby or mozzarella. Lot of Italians down where I live. LOL BN

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