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Luderick and a nice pig at Ulladulla


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Returned yesterday from a quick trip down to the south coast where it all started for me in the early seventies. Good news is the nearby lake (Burrill) is wide open at high tide and the big luderick population that frequents these parts can move out to the ocean rocks (as they (try to) do each summer, but were lake locked for many years to pathetic local council decisions, or should I say, lack of them). Saw plenty of fish sitting close in against the rock shelves and in near perfect conditions made an absolute ass of myself dropping a dozen fish and landing five plump but smallish blackfish and a two pound drummer that went like gang buster for 5 minutes or more, which is unusual for a pig. The drummer made up, a little, for all the fished I missed. Ate the drummer fillets last night. Flour, salt and pepper in a buttered medium pan .... perfection with crunchy straight cuts and a nice salad.

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34 minutes ago, blackfish angler said:

Nice report would have been great to see photos of the fish .

Unfortunately it was overcast and raining late Monday afternoon on the run up tide. Otherwise, I will upload pics in future if the conditions are conjusive to doing so.

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