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Help Fix Parking at Gosford Boat Ramp

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Any Raiders who have used Gosford Boat Ramp recently at Dane drive will have noticed cars overflowing here. This is mainly due to the new pie shop and inflatable water park being added to the site.


Many of the spaces allocated for trailer parking have been reclassified for general use which is fine. What's not fine are people parking their cars in the 'trailer parking only' spaces. It's gotten ridiculous - I was there the other day and almost all the trailer spaces had cars illegally parked within the trailer spaces. 


I've spoken to council, there are two things you can do to help fix this:


Post a letter of complaint (handwritten ok) to

Gosford City Council

PO Box 21

Gosford NSW 2250


second best is an email:



If you could let us know when you're done by posting on this thread that would be great. It would be terrific to get 10 letters/emails.



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Guest Guest123456789

Just found it searching snap send solve. I'll give it a go and let you know if it works.

in the meantime I still would appreciate it if Raiders can write or email the council as more rangers will help 

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Email sent


Thank you for contacting Central Coast Council.


Your enquiry has been sent to the appropriate council officer for their action.


If the matter is urgent, please contact council’s Customer Service team at the Gosford office on (02) 4325 8222 or the Wyong office on (02) 4350 5555.


Central Coast Council



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yep I was down there on Sunday Arvo and there was no trailer parking bays left, lucky I was just out for a walk.

The same thing happens down at Woy Woy ramp as well:( you would like to park  the car and trailer behind them and go out for a few weeks on the boat ......... but then they would call the cops or burn your rigg


They are all inconsiderate a.....les

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I feel your pain Luke, happens down my way as well at multiple ramp sites. Alot of us local boaters complained and council erected a couple of signs, does f#@k all. Short of breaking the law yourself it's near impossible to police. I hope you have a win at your local ramp, I know how frustrating it is not to be able to park your trailer. 

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A great reason to put in at Koolewong - there's 2 separate ramps! It is steeper, so having AWD or 4WD is safer for low tide retrieval. They are single lane ramps and that keeps plenty of people away that are not confident on a narrower ramp.

Turn left to head into Gosford or right to Paddy's Channel, Rip Bridge and beyond..

I don't recall having any parking issues and realistically, it's 15 minutes drive down the road.


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Tascott is ok, but no so much fun when you come back and find the wharf under water

Truck load of weed and the wind can be a pain. I've used it a few times and also

not had to worry about parking either.

Australia day at Gosford will be exciting. There are a lot of people who turn up

for their annual boat trip.


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