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lowrance sounder

drew boy

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The other thing to check, is what depth you have your sounder set for.

I've noticed that I get different readings, depending if the water depth

and the sounder depth are not similar. So I've I'm in 3 metres of water

then I set the depth to be 5 or 8 metres on on the sounder and it seems to

be ok.




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Most problems come from poor mounting positions causing air to stop the signal from the transducer. Also theres a code number on the transducer lead normally on silver tape but if you know exactly what model it is you should put this into the settings. Look under sonar settings and advanced. A slight tilt forward of the transducer will often help too.

My last boat was near impossible to get good soundings from due to a slotted hull which causes air  bubbles to reduce surface tension and lit the back of the boat. The boat I now have much like most boats Ive owned will pick up bottom at 40kmh even at the shelf.



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