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Catching large Mullet


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Hi raiders anyone got a good method of catching large mullet? I've seen some absolute monsters of late at my local fishing spot. I'm talking 60cm+ . I've been fishing with a push button float a split shot sinker and a mosquito hook size 10 with a bit of fresh bread dropping it right onto their heads but they just swim around it. Have caught a few bream but as by catch 30cm + but it's major dental work getting the size 10 hook out. 

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I used to catch 50 cm models in Macquarie  riverlet.


I used a bobby cork with 1 m line under it and a decent sinker. I then threw out bread heavily dusted in flour and i mixed dough around stale white bread. The would boil up like salmon and id then get a good run of fish.


Back then i kept no records and used k mart grab n go rods n reels so i can't help with tides or other info. We'd get the in summer and autumn as i recall being  concerned about lizards n snakes.

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