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Had another crack tonight, though conditions were far from ideal with a howling sou-westerly...

Managed a few squid straight away and sent out a fresh head still squirming on the hook.

2 minutes in the water and this fella decided to have a go. 

Went 94cm, and gave a good tussle on the 20lb gear. 

Yakkas were being a little finicky, though the ones we did catch resulted in a fat salmon which went back, and another couple of runs which were undoubtedly jews, but didn't manage a hook up.

All in all a nice quick sesh, and a weeks worth of dinner!

They're certainly on the chew so get out there if you can. 4 in 4 sessions this week. A mate also caught a 90cm king on Friday night while i was with him in the dark - first i'd seen.




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3 minutes ago, raging said:

So your saying it wasn't wearing just undies is the magic to catch a fish. That changes my plans for the weekend.

Nice report

Apparently not!... thanks mate.

Also caught this guy around midday on a samaki soft vibe. Plus a few other undersized and some squire.

Went down a treat in a tempura batter and some hand cut fries.





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