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Nice Flatty from St Georges Basin


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A bit of a late report due to having trouble downloading photo.  I fished St Georges Basin last Friday 16.2.2017 while competing in the Nowra ANSA competition. Started fishing at 7am but only fished till about 1.30pm as I came down with a tummy bug and was too crook to continue.  The wind was getting up pretty strong anyway creating too fast a drift. 

I still did OK as I was fishing with 1kg pretest Platypus line and managed 4 flathead 80cm 65cm 60cm and 39cm.

I weighed fish into competition and decided I was too crook to fish to end of comp which ended at noon on Sunday, so I decided to quit and go home.  I have a purpose built 1200cm tank in my boat to keep big flathead alive, so I released the 80cm girl who swam off strongly after holding her head into the current for a while to revive her and cleaned the rest for a feed.

To my surprise at 3.5kg caught on 1kg line, my flatty wasn't beaten and held on to win estuary division of comp.



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Great effort again, Ron!  It's been a long time since I fished with you and you got a treble stuck in your leg with a fish kicking off the other and I kept filming!  I think it might have been a blurter at Gunsight at Port Stephens on a club weekend or maybe the ANSA comp?  I know it was in Greg's Billfisher. You are slaying the flathead mate.  Excellent effort on 1kg!  Are you still using poddies or yakkas on circle hooks? Do you use the Platypus Pretest as a breakaway on braid, or fish the 1kg Pretest straight through to a shock leader?  I'm still old school ANSA and haven't really got into braid and breakaways but I am finding the 1kg a bit challenging these days - particularly on my eyes!  I hope to get along to a St George outing again one day.  Maybe you can talk them into having an outing at Port Stephens, like the old days!

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