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finally a change


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After the last few weeks I have become tired of moses perch everywhere I've been fishing there have been plagues, they are fun to catch but even the small ones have a habit of chafing up leaders and its gets frustrating retying almost every cast.

 Fortunetly I spotted a new tree down on the side of the road in a deep section of river, my thoughts were if there are mosie's they'll atleast be big, second cast lure gets bumped with a swirl and a flash couple of twitches and its nailed followed by a screaming first run it ran up around some timber but with a bit of steady pressure and some cursing the fish came out and turned out to be a mid 30's GT


Manged a few more GT's from the same spot they really go hard for small fish


Heading home with a nice high tide thought I'd have a crack at a bream unfortunetly the bream are still shut down but did get a reasonable big-eye trevally


hopefully with the change in weather the bream will be back on soon

cheers for reading



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21 hours ago, big Neil said:

Couple of nice fish there Dave. Are GT Giant Trevally and how far South do they exist? BN

that's right, they are listed as far south as Sydney I have heard of plenty being caught around Forster in the lake

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