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Navionics Gold XL9


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Hey Raiders,

I am running Navionics Gold XL9 charts in my Eagle Seacharter 642CF (GPS/Sounder).  I seem to have lost a lot of bottom detail or maybe it just wasn't there and I have a poor memory - so wondering if anyone else that has Navionics Gold XL9 could share a screen shot of what they are seeing - say for 12mile. I need to determine if something has gone wrong with my Navionics Gold SD card, or my Eagle Seacharter....(or memory!)

1st is a picture of what I see on my Navionics Gold XL9 with Eagle Seacharter 642CF for 12mile (ignore the purple lines thats my track marks not contours).


2nd is what I see on my iPhone running Navionics AU&NZ for 12mile (basically a lot more detail).


What are other Raiders seeing using Navionics Gold XL9 on their GPS unit?

Thanks for the help team.





Photo 27-2-17, 4 07 52 pm.jpg

Photo 27-2-17, 4 11 01 pm.png

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Thanks rick... checked that before I posted... should have mentioned that apologies...

I have added below screen shots of my settings menus - you can see for Navionics>Depth Contours are selected.

..and I have also shown a shot of the Sydney Heads display - which shows the general contours are shown....so I think my settings are set correctly to display contours.

I guess that narrows my question down to... do the Navionics Gold XL9 charts have the level of contour detail that iPhone Navionics displays or is it that my Eagle sounder just cant display that detail...

So if anyone has Navionics Gold XL9 installed I'd really appreciate if they select 12mile (S33.55.662   E151.28.484 ) and post a shot of what they see on their GPS unit.

Thanks... Zoran


Photo 27-2-17, 9 46 21 pm.jpg

Photo 27-2-17, 9 48 17 pm.jpg

Photo 27-2-17, 9 52 32 pm.jpg

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Hey Radiers....

I have been chasing this with Navionics as well and it looks like a Navionics Gold XL9 issue - ie that level of contour mapping is not on the nautical charts supplied as part of Navionics Gold. That level of details is supplied as Sonar Charts which are displayed on the iPhone/iPad apps...and can be purchased as upgrades (but you have to check if your GPS unit can handle Sonar Charts).

Here is the response from Navionics ---

Hi Zoran,
The charts you see on Navionics App is the same as the charts on current Nav+ and Platinum+ cards. They are nautical and sonar charts.
Your Gold card is year 2008 card, the data is old and it only contains nautical charts. You can update it to current 50XG at $185. The new 50XG covers AUS & NZ, and has one year Freshest Data.
The Eagle 642 unit only can read nautical charts, not sonar charts.
Customer Service
Australia, NZ & Asia

I'm now checking with Lowrance whether my Eagle 642 can handle sonar charts.... if not guess its going to become the dedicated Sounder (and backup GPS) and the nvigation GPS will be on my mini-iPad once I source a waterproof case and mount.

Keep you posted.



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3 hours ago, back cruncher said:

Hi all...zmk1962,I had a similar problem with my hummingbird.I had to change something to fish&chip mode to get navionics to work.

ha... love it "fish&chip" mode - sounds like a setting that should be on a microwave oven!.... if you can take a shot of the hummingbird settings screen and post that, it will give me a place to start looking for a similar setting on mine (I have posted mine above and cant see anything like that)... but I think we have our answer from Navionics above...

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Ok ...have been in further dialog with Navionics and Lowrance(Eagle)....so just to wrap up this topic from my perspective....

Given there is some doubt re Eagle 642 support of Sonar Charts (Lawrence says yes, Navionics  says no) and the fact my trusty Eagle can only support a 1gb SD card…and also looking at the overall cost of upgrading Navionics Gold to add Sonarchart (the Navionics upgrade would effectively extract one region say Sydney - Melb from the full XL9 maps trade in and add Sonar for that region on a 1GB SD for $126 upgrade fee).

It seems to me that my most economic route by far is to dedicate my Eagle 642 to be just the fish finder/sounder (of course it can be a backup GPS with the Gold navigation charts already in there), and move my main GPS navigation requirements to my iPad mini. Given I already have the iPad and Navionics AU&NZ with Sonarcharts, the total investment required would be a waterproof case and a sturdy bracket.

Guess that's the path I am on.

Anyone have any recommendations for waterproof iPad mini cases and brackets?



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