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Leaking bung


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Hi all

Undid the bung in one of the buoyancy chambers in the boat and about 10 litres of water came out.  Probably poor form on my behalf, but I don't think I have checked them for about 6 months as never had a problem before.

If you look at the attached picture, it seems like the water is coming around the bung.  My guess is it is coming through the rivet.

Do you think I can get away with just drilling the rivet out and replacing it or should I replace the whole bung?  It is about an hour and half to the nearest boating place which would make it 3 hours return.

Do I need to use a special type of rivet when replacing?




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Maybe I should have searched before posting.



When people say use screws instead of rivets, do you mean a self tapping screw as I do not have access to the area behind as it is a sealed buoyancy chamber?

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I had a similar issue, I was getting litres of water coming out after a fishing session, when removing the bungs at wash down..

I came to one conclusion and found that I would try to screw the bung in tighter ( tighter than hand tight).

Next time I went out, I used a pair of multi grips, to do up the bungs, and guess what, no water after a days outing at the wash down area.

I had the same thoughts, replace this and that as well... I did sikaflex around my bungs and over the rivet heads as well.

But my guess was it my undoing , by NOT tightening them up in the first instance....

Sometimes the washer supplied with the bungs can become stiffer, and not as supple when brand new ...

Something to look at as well, I guess ....




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