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Botany Bay squid


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Morning, Heading out in Botany Bay Wednesday morning & hoping to find some squid. 

The problem is I'm heading out with the FIL who is set in his ways & we always end up heading to his regular spots. Which is normally ok as they tend to produce at least a Flatty or 2.

Having never really targeted squid before I want to convince him to give it ago as I love a feed of calamari.

Question is - Where to start?

if anyone can point me in the right direction as to some locations to try out it would be greatly appreciated



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1 hour ago, Ribs said:

If the swell is down head to bare island front or back, or if swell up captain cook landing place to the oil wharf, let me know how u go... 

Thanks for the info.

hopefully we can get a few, will let you know how we go

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