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These guys where lucky


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How many times if we're honest have we towed when tired?You know how it goes,too many beverages the night before,late nights,the baby keeping us up etc,etc.

These guys could have easily killed themselves or others around them.

I can honestly say that there's been a few times that I have woken up to go fishing and haven't felt the best for various reasons and have aborted the mission as I'm the only driver.Can you?

Food for thought isn't it. 

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I fully agree with danger of microsleeps mentioned by big Neil.

How do you guys keep awake/attention on a road when you are tired - coffee, energy drinks, vitmamin drinks, music, fresh or cold air etc (other than a rest) ?

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I once went on a fishing charter a couple of years back after work, it was rough so i took 2 sea sick tablets, combined with 2 beers, dinner and i had been up since 5am.

I drove home 4hrs later at 11pm and fell asleep at the set of lights on Epping rd at the Uni, 10mins from home, who knows how long i had been there i only woke up when the car behind was blasting the horn as they went past, i remember the drive and thinking, the lights are red, i will just close my eye for a minute.

My Tip

I drive long distances for work regularly and i pull over and having a 15min power nap, its amazing how that 10 or 15mins helps, i go from eye drooping to wide awake.

Syd - Canberra when i leave Syd at 4.30am, i stop at the federal hwy for 15mins and im still in Canberra ready to work at 7.45am

Canberra - Syd usually after working all day i have to stop just before Goulburn as i am buggered and the traffic hasn't built up yet so, i want to be fresh when i hit Campbeltown traffic.

Syd - Tamworth when i leave at 5am, i usually stop about 4hrs that way i feel fresh and ready to work when i arrive on site.

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I'm with Jeff on this. Powernaps (15-30minutes) are great ways to get yourself feeling refreshed. It's proven to work as well, as studies in China and Japan have shown. The more productive members of the workforce get an additional 20-30 minutes on their lunch break for a powernap to increase productivity.

I also find getting out to stretch your legs for 10-15 minutes also works well. Sometimes I'm just tired from being cramped in the drivers seat.



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