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bay reds


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Got my bg limit of reds  pearl perch in 40 ft of water small samson fish  three mack tuna  and got smoked by reds at three spots best red nudgin 8 kilo  theres some big kings lurkin at sisters on miles of bait couldnt get a bite but they were smashin bait next to boat..lost a cobe on nth side of Iisland  30 mins on straight 15 lb and line parted 15 ft from boat  oh well won some battles yday and lost some  plenty of reds around with quite a few at cleanin tables  was beatiful trip in beaut spot  bring it on in a fortnite...rick


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13 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

ancored with burley  best tip if goin up use slimy mack heads in burley trail...strip baits get hammered by sweep an crap but the heads get crunched by the reds..rick

Thanks an excellent tip Rick. You see a lot of big reds caught in NZ like this. They use whole bonito heads!

For those who have any questions about the value of Fishradier , this is the kind of information that will

significantly increase your chances of bagging a big red.






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there is bigger than them but they are hard to extract..we have tried fishin heavier but the more you give to the bigger ones the more they give back to you..i fish a balancing act with 15lb mono and fish them light drag or they just reef you instantly...I am fishing in pretty rough reef  with rises from 50ft to 30ft back down to 60ft and the reds love goin round luderick heads and thru kelp...I had 5 nice fish in my ten bag limit but got dusted about 12 times over two sessions..who knows how big some of them are..my biggest is 11kilo from same area but there is bigger than that im sure...one thing is for sure  I love doin it and cant wait to get back there...rick

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