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How to send livies out if theres weeds in front of you and the current is in a bad direction?


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Wondering if anyone has any idea how to fix this issue

When i send my livies out its hard to cast them far. There's kelp in front of me, and the livies like to hide there. On a few occassions a octopus will also take the livies

I've tried putting them under a float but the current generally takes it parallel to the shoreline, which means i am forced to reel it back in and recast it. Obviously not good for the livies health.

Is there any way around this or is it just how it is? I feel like i'm missing a trick here...


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It is a curse, i can relate, and im sure many others can as well. Slide baiting would be worth a shot assuming you can get the line clear over the kelp. Other than that there's not much you can do. Keep recasting or turn to lures instead of livies

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Hm this slide bait trick might work actually. The rigs arent cheap though.. Maybe i can DIY something with rings and elastic bands.


Thanks guys, good to know im not missing anything obvious.

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I'd agree with the others who have suggested slide rigs. Try it and see how it goes in the area you fish.

Also, you could attach the livie onto a large paternoster rig with the hook 2-3m off the dropper sinker.

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