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Merc tilted up automatically


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I would give them a call and let them know about it and tell them you would like it noted and you will monitor it over the next couple of trips.

Make sure you take down their name / time and date of call, to back up the claim.

Then just see if it does it again, it may have been a one off Switch got jammed or the switch could be on its way out.


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Yeh cheers guys, I spoke to the dealership today and I am taking it in tomorrow. He ensured it would be a warranty inspection and have email back up for references.

hopefully nothing to serious but once I find out the error I will inform you all.

i am still open to other opinions though.

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Hi JA 

i had a similar problem two years ago, was on the water when my motor tilted out of the water and wouldnt come back down.

anyway it turned out that somehow some water had found its way into the fuse that controls the tilt.

replaced the fuse and was all good after that.


hoping yours is an easy fix

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