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Offshore hairy


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Hi Guys,

Had a quick two hour run in the boat on Thursday and caught this hairy in 35 metres. 

Obviously a big surprise. Made me wonder, what's the deepest you have caught a Hairtail offshore?





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As there is not a lot known about hairtail, Ive read they believe in the warmer months they head for the deep water offshore and venture back as the water cools. So not surprising to catch them in all depths of water especially out front of the Hawkesbury!!

 Cheers scratchie!!!

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19 minutes ago, antonywardle said:

A few people I know caught some last week off Boxhead in about 40 metres

and one caught one while bottom bashing for flaties in 50 metres so I guess

they are around anytime






yep, ive caught them off Box before- but in the middle of summer 

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