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big Neil

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Here's a few photos from my recent travels.

...flying over Burrinjuck Dam on the way home...



...flying over the Murrumbidgee River, on the descent into Wagga Wagga...



...beautiful morning to be on the river...



...gotta be a Cod in there somewhere?..



...just gotta keep casting.



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Hhmmm John Dory, that's a bit too hairy for me to try. The height wouldn't worry me, but paying to replace the entire tower after it toppled over... that would be a concern. No wonder they need all those rest periods, doing that job. Wouldn't want to have a hangover.

No fish pictures 'cos I haven't caught any in a few weeks. Maybe I'm losing the knack! Thanks for the video. BN

ps here's a picture of a fish. At least I think it is...been that long since I've caught one.IMG_6415resize.jpg

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