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Parramatta River mixed bag


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I wanted to try my luck on luderick and fly in the east, but Nick was on a short leash and desperately needed a quick bend in the rod so we opted for an early start in the inner west in between downpours. What's fishing without mates, eh?

Despite a negligible tide and fresh dirty water, it wasn't long before we got stuck into bream, flathead, a thin whiting, a legal tailor (my first from here) and a fat salmon.

Definitely felt like winter had arrived, with a few less fish than normal but much better quality (bream to 36, with a healthy late-20s average). The sambo went 52cm and gave Nick the fix he needed.

On the tackle side of things, z-mans were once again the go-to. I've also decided that fishing plastics on straight fluro is not as bad as some folks reckon. Yes there's more stretch, but I feel the stealth makes up for the slight reduction in casting distance and sensitivity. Not fiddling with leaders is also nice.


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Exaggerated sambo measure
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10 hours ago, luderick -angler said:

Nice going there lads. Once the water clears a bit looking to target a few bream on the fly. In the meantime I'll be sticking with the luderick get into whilst theyre tuned in! 

Have you had much success with the bream? Seems like you have the luderick well and truly sussed


8 hours ago, nutsaboutfishing said:

Hi where abouts on the river were you fishing, if you don't mind me asking?


Canada Bay area

1 hour ago, HenryR said:

I love the ever changing audience you get !!

Been fishing here since I picked up a rod & it always amazes me how surprised the locals are that there are fish here.

Nothing like a salmon on bream gear to draw a crowd though!

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Mate the bream I have found a little tougher but I'm working on them amd some flies I think will work well in shallow water. Quite small size 8 and 6. I'll put a pic up when I finish them. I found bream are more of a dead drift slow twitch technique amd cast to sighted fish or structure with very fine tippet. 

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