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Last ice fishing spring 2017


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Short report with pics.


This is our family last icefishing trip, done end of April.  Vili catch many roach´s and redfin´s. Hi allso practise put maggots on hook self, and allso releace fishs.  This last trip was nice, beautifull weather, lot of bites, and catches, nice sausages on campfire. Veikka allso practice ice fishing, but with out hook.   Now we only waite openwater fishing. Exactly we have been allready couple of times with Vili, shore fishing. Now only have to make some boat service, and then we are raydy for redfins, zanders and pikes.






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Hi Jani, It's great that we get to see and read your posts from Finland. Wonderful being able to see how you fish as the seasons change. Hope that your Spring season is fruitful and we'll look forward to seeing your next report. Would be good to catch pike again. I used to catch these when I lived in England. They are very aggressive feeders and put up a good fight. Cheers, BN

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On 15.6.2017 at 6:42 PM, savit said:

Nice catch JaniFIN! Always enjoyed ice jigging when I was a kid. How many months per year can you do ice fishing in Finland?

About 5 months, but i likemore fishing end of winter, becouse not have so cold anymore.

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Hi Jani,

            Great photos, and I thought it was cold here winter fishing.

            Good to see the kids are getting into fishing with you.

            Take care 


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