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Big Bream


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Long time lurker here... caught this horse of a bream last week and decided to share

Measured 45cm and approx 2.2kg, biggest i’ve ever seen let alone caught 

Caught on my boat in the parramatta river near Gladesville, released to grow up a little more.

Also picked up some legal whiting and a 45cm dusky. Something took a big bite out of some living mullet we had as well, by no hook up.

pretty psyched as I’m merely an amateur learning the ropes! 

Happy fishing



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I'll dig put a photo of one my daughter caught a few years back on the lake infront of our house, unfortunately we kept it as it was caught during a comp ( partly why we don't fish comps anymore ).  Anyway this thing looked more like a carp than a bream and measured 54cm.

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