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Using PVC Pipe #2: Rod T-holder


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Hey Raiders,

@antonywardle inspired me the other day with his PVC pipe work to solve a problem my Mrs had given me. It appears she got bruised hips and thighs from the rod butt after hawling in the fish the other day ... and she didn't like wearing the rod holder buckets ... apparently not a good look on camera ! 

So I looked for a solution an it appears fishing " rod T-holders" are available on the market and were an acceptable solution..... they look like this: 


Since I could not find them on Dinga, but having being inspired by @antonywardle I diverted past Bunnings today and bought some 32mm high pressure pipe fittings and a 1m length of pipe. After some cutting, heatgun application and glueing -  voila here is the "rod Z-holder" I came up with:





Now to go find some kingies to test it on!



PS - Mrs was very grateful and asked when are we going out next ! (offshore that is.) 

PPS -  I actually made 2...total cost about $12.


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Hey Zoran, you could also put some sort of vibrating device in the tube and you have a massager for the hip as well..... the Mrs would love you for it.... :thumbup:  :28: 

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That's great work mate and very practical.if you ever need to replace any of the bits, you can use your heat gun topull it all apart and reuse the fittings. Its a lot cheaper that buying new ones. YOu just need to be careful not to distort them. Pipe is a lot cheaper than the fittings.



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Yeah we thought about that or that hi dense foam used on roof racks. But these sit at the top of the thigh and the 32mm pipe has a generous radius. They didn’t seem to dig in during the backyard field test. Will keep it in mind though. 

Cheers Z

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