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YUP ! ... not surprised with the hot weather bringing up the salt level in the Georges system and hence helping school fish further and further up the river.

I recall that one of the earliest recorded shark fatalities was in the 50's just opposite Bankstown airport  - near that spot.

I grew up around Chipping Norton Lake System (and cut my teeth fishing there). Have caught many a lower estuary type fish like tailor in the lakes which are a good 5-7km further up from Picnic Pt.  Late 70's a friend of mine had a 14' trampoline sailing catamaran... he swears that one day as he was crossing the lakes there was a hammerhead bigger than his pontoons swimming between the pontoons.... and there were always reports of dogs being taken... and even a horse (Warwick farm race course was a bit further up and the trainers used to swim the horses).

The lakes were dredged for sand for many years and supposedly there were quite a few very deep holes.... 

A bit of history for ya all.....



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Yeah i live not too far from chippo and have heard stories about the horses from warwick farm and the dogs too, i knew they were there but seeing it really makes it real lol.

ive heard if the conditions are ok they will travel 100s if not 1000s klm upstream so yeah the only thing stopping them going further is the weirs so yes im sure they get upto audley too Yowie.

top predators!

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