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Salt and fresh


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G'day Raiders,

A quick report from the last week. 

Camped down at wollondilly for a few nights last weekend and did some lazy fishing with corn as bait while the kids went to check out the caves and landed 3 carp all about 50cm. Fun on light gear. 

Couple of days ago I hit up the shoalhaven river for a flick for flatties. 

Landed 8 in 2 hours in the middle of the incoming tide. All just about legal or just under. The bigger ones haven't shown up in that spot this year. 

For those that have been asking about plastics lately, all caught with a zman 3" paddle tail in bloodworm. My go to at that particular spot. 8lb braid with 12lb leader. 









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12 minutes ago, masterfisho7 said:

Some top Flathead on soft plastics well done and a crap also .

Cheers mate. Always happy to get more than one. 

4 minutes ago, big Neil said:

Very nice report Tara, good pics too. Bet the Carp were good sport on the fairly light gear. Decent Flatties too. Cheers, bn

Carp were fun. Different style to what I'm used to, left the bail arm open until the line started peeling then flicked it over to strike. 

Thanks again for the tips. :)

4 minutes ago, Scratchie said:

Nice work Tara. I’ll take the flatties any day but you can keep the carp! :D

cheers scratchie!!! 

Haha always good to catch something new. Tick another one off the list. :)

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