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Kingfish Round 2


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Well Done again Scratchie.

 I got out there today and finally picked up a legal one,  lost one at the side of the boat trying to get it in to early and got smoked by a real big one but it was great fun till the wind got to bad to stay out there. But the pens were absolutely packed people right in the middle fishing right on top of the workers, then this just came up on the NSW Dpi fisheries sight.


Notice to Fishers in Port Stephens area

NSW DPI and Huon Aquaculture are undertaking a research project to assess the viability of Kingfish aquaculture in offshore sea pens off  Providence Bay Port Stephens. 

Last week, severe storms damaged one sea pen leading to the escape of Yellowtail Kingfish.

Fishers are advised that a fishing closure was implemented today. Recreational and commercial and fishers may now not take fish within the Marine Aquaculture Research Lease. 

This is a temporary closure (till 7/2/18) to allow farm repairs and recapture of farmed Kingfish. Mariners are requested to avoid the lease area during recovery operations with ongoing diver assisted repairs to mooring infrastructure and sea pens.


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