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  1. Thanks Scratchie & Brandon, it was a great weekend even with our dramas [flat tyres, Bungs, Brandon forgetting the winch handle haha] but yeah can't wait till the next trip but like you said no more week ends. Woodsy Your right there Back cruncher. Hope you get back out there soon Mick, good luck with everything.
  2. Your a legend Scratchie, that was a great podcast and thanks for all you have taught me and hurry up and come up here for a visit. Woodsy
  3. Well done on the fish mate and how is it being a dad? Woodsy
  4. Gee I thought I could hear someone swearing today all the way up here. looked like a great day. Woodsy
  5. Very true words there @Flanno he is a great bloke and his Fishing knowledge is brilliant. I moved to the Gold Coast last December and he has even given me a few tips and tricks for up here. Woodsy
  6. Good fish Baz, great to see you got out. Woodsy
  7. Great fish as usual Scratchie and well done Mick Woodsy
  8. Top fish Pete, well done. Thanks for the mention, how good is it when your up there by yourself and all the different emotions you get when you catch fish like that. Woodsy
  9. Yeah it’s pretty good, I’ve been busy so only 1 time out so far with no luck. Yeah that sounds like a plan. Woodsy
  10. Great fish Jeremy, sounds like a great day. How long are you at port for? Woodsy
  11. Good work fellas, I’m missing the snapper already. Woodsy
  12. Well done Mick, how good is it getting them after the snapper whisperer gives ya the tips and tricks for getting them. Well done Scratchie your a good bloke. Keep at it Mick, hope the boat is going well. Woodsy
  13. Nice catch Rick and lunch looks great as well. Woodsy
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