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The lightest 12foot and 14foot bait casting surf rods?


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Weight of the rod is always a consideration but would be worth also considering what you plan to do with the rod - blackfish rods are usually very slow taper blanks and probably not suited to a baitcasters, it would be a custom build anyway to get a blackfish blank suited to an overhead. 

Are you hoping to throw chromies to the horizon or put a bait out in the wash?

I have a MT4144 I made years ago for an Alvey - its my favourite and the lightest of all my beach rods, casts pillies a mile (or two!)


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I want to put a light bait (beach worms, small prawns, 1/4 of a pillie) with light weight past the wash. So far most of the rods I have seen are either too heavy or not long enough. I do have a catana coast light (3-5kg) which just barely does the job, but would like it to be another 2 to 4 foot longer...

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