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Terrigal Dolphin Fish, finally some good ones


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Had a good day out from Terrigal yesterday, fish were taking the smaller shotgun lure further away from the boat, was some nice blue water out at the Terrigal Fad reading 24.2, didn’t spot too much bait out there, all the bait is still in close. On the way back in spotted some Stripeys and Macs working and spent forty minutes chasing them for only a couple of bonito so called it a day.



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24 minutes ago, tobycb said:

Nice fish Tyrone! Did you find him in with close with the bait or out wider? Had a ball with the missus casting small slugs at massive schools of feeding stripies in close off Palm Beach on Saturday.

All out wider, all the bait we found was in close, good temp and colour too would have to have been blacks around. Can’t beat the stripeys and Macs on light gear, can be frustrating though when they are boat shy

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3 minutes ago, CJay said:

cracker fish! B) were the currents pushing through  at the fad?

Yeah good current was ripping to the south, I was out there two weeks ago water was around 22.5, yesterday highest we got was 24.4 perfect temp

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21 minutes ago, rickmarlin62 said:

nice fish  wish I went out today..weather looks crap for a few days now....must be plenty out there..my mate got some at the carpark Saturday  as well as striped marlin..rick

Yeah maybe Friday if we’re lucky, still decent seas though, back to work for the weekend unfortunately. Yeah we had a stripe in the trail for a good 30 or so seconds miss the short, didn’t want a bar of the shotgun

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