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Jervis bay kings 4.2.18


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Hey raiders 

Started fishing on the Saturday morning at 6am within minutes have squid flying in the boat so looks like they have bounced back from all the holiday traffic had 9 within a hour and half 

Then decided to head over to chase some kings had a quick slow drift past but the swell and wind was to big so called it so headed back for more bait for Sunday 20 squid total on Saturday 



same start time geared up with the squid from Saturday thought I’d flicked a squid jig while mate parked the car scored 2 lives then headed straight out to point first two baits down and within minutes two massive hits nethier hooked up

8 rats followed that 

2 at 64cm being the biggest all returned

decidded to call it a day 

until we saw something huge chasing a flying fish then we saw the bill of a marlin or swordfish.. have never thrown out lure faster in my life 

trolled for 20 mins then actually called it a day 

cheers Tdogz

tight lines 

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19 hours ago, Great_White said:

Always worth throwing a big slimie out when in / around the Opening of JB ...

Fished there in the 80's and 90's ... what a cracker of a place !!!!





22 hours ago, luvbigfish said:

Would of been great to see ?Maybe try a pick up some slimys and target marlin if there around ?

Little help on where to pick up the slimeys boys? 


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Just on the inside of Bowen Island near the end ...opposite the "tubes" .... basically...


Burley up .. lots of slimies ..... may even burley up some Big Kings as well ...



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  • 2 months later...

Hey guys. I am heading to Jervis Bay next month, I am looking at catching a few Jewfish or any edibles. Any advice as I will be fishing from the shore and have no idea on baits and spots as I am from South Africa.

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