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First lure caught cod


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Hi guys just thought I'd put my  report up from today... I headed out to wyangala dam to do some trolling with my new ac invader lures in  the 90 mm 24 ft range so was cruising around at about 30 ft the plan was to get there around 5 or 6 this arvo but I couldn't wait so headed down around 11 am this morning... All I did was troll just wanted to cover as much ground as possible and being  the time of day didn't fancy my chances casting so yeah  with my water snake issues fixed it worked awesome didn't miss a beat and I think was crucial in getting my cod it went  only 60 cm but was very healthy and pretty fat and had 1 or 2 decent runs  thought it was bigger than what it was actually yeah got him on the green redfin colour invader 


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