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Zman plastics


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7 hours ago, Kingyjohn said:

Hey guys just curious if any of yous have had any experience with Zman plastics melting as the tend melt on me or stick together and not swim of have a good profile anymore

they can melt in their packaging of out in the sun so dont leave them in the sun lol.

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6 hours ago, Rah said:

All zman though? 

Yes and also in the Zman packet. I have had lures melt together by mixing them and placing them in plastic lure containers. You have to wonder how your mono will stand when a lure is hooked up against a rod allowing the plastic to be in contact with the line for long periods.

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Always store zmans dry with no other plastics or lures, otherwise they will melt. If storing in a plastic container, it needs to be "wormproof". As long as they're not with other plastics/lures you should be right.

I store mine in a good quality snap lock plastic container and they're good. But i  find the pink zmans leach out their colour if stored with other zmans. They end up very pale, almost white. Dont go soft though. Havent had probs with other colours, just the pink

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