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Yo-zuri vs Yamashita

ricardo passos

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I like how that random jig goes past at the end.   

Im not sure if I still own any Yo-Zuri.   I definately have some yamashita and Egihead and a few others but probably prefer harimitsu if I had to pick just one jig.    I usually just get a few different looking jigs out and see what happens.  

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Normally if get snagged when squiding I can pull the jig out clear the spikes of weed and get back into it, unless I just bought a new $25 dollar lure then for sure it will snag and be lost. I now buy some cheap ones and some top shelf and mix them up in my tackle box so I cant tell which is which seems to have fixed the problem. I like orange or blue and 3D prawn squid jigs. I do agree the cheap ones come apart at the seams after a few good squid have been landed.

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