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First trip after the boat repairs , Calamari again

Basil D

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well after all that hard work repairing the floor, fitting new carpet and boat seat boxes and lots of bits etcs I wanted to test the boat out.

And let me tell you I wasnt disappointed, feel like another boat, more comfort etc

Hit our usual spot and was very slow to start with but then things turned for the better.

Here are the results :)








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9 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

nice lot of squid...yyyuuuummmmmoooo


7 hours ago, masterfisho7 said:

Man well done on the squid some fine eating there .

Thank you.

43 minutes ago, Ribs said:

Some crackers there basil, love my squiding, how deep were these guys sitting? Assuming outside of the hack

yeah outside, some days are just the best

33 minutes ago, Berleyguts said:

Nice sized squid! ? What hook rig do you use when putting them out? ?

one of the photos shows the rig.

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9 hours ago, Berleyguts said:

Lol... no, I meant when you put them out as live baits! ??? I usually only manage 2 or 3 smaller squid so use them for bait! I don’t usually target them but I probably should!

LOL, ok understand now, one hook in the tail and one on the shoulder


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2 hours ago, Basil D said:

i tried a few spots close to the entry of the hacking land based and they go ok, yamashita warm jackets live in pink, white are ,y mane go to jigs

Thanks Basil. I sometimes pick up a few around the headlands at times, the squid may not have entered the Hacking in numbers just yet.

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