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Bloody Media And Boffins.


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Hullo All;

Must be getting old and cranky.:lol:

The report in the media on the lady whose leg was injured at La Perouse.

(1) How the bloody hell did they know it was a " great White."??:angry2:

(2) The so called boffin even gave the size of the thing!!.

3.4 metres the " expert " said.

In the old measurement that is near as dammit to 10 feet!!

If it was a 10 foot Great White it would have taken her leg off and not even burped!!

About time the both of them got out of the textbooks and into the real world.

Personally I would think it was a small Bronze Whaler or something similar'

Soapbox now packed away

Time for a beer.



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First I am no SHARK EXPERT,

So,  the size of the bite is how they determine the size of the animal and the damage to the flesh from the teeth determines the Shark.

I don't think it was a full blown attack as any shark with a mouth that big would have taken the leg off as Oldfella said.

The soft tissue damage would have been far more extensive.

Because sharks don't have hands they do their testing with their mouth, so I would guess it was a bit of a bite and see what this strange splashing was all about.

Now for the Woman that was interviewed last night on TV who was asked what they were going to do said "they would try to find the Shark", then asked what they would do if they found it  said "Shoo it to to Sea ....."


My 2 cents worth any way.

Hope the lady makes a full recovery.


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More than likely a damn "Bull Shark"

Close relative to the GW's, but there has been Bull Shark attacks in Sydney Harbour before ...

Anyone remember the Navy Clearance Diver that got attacked and lost limbs ......

We get a LOT of GW's down here in S.A .... and if it was that big, I doubt very much, that the lady would be talking to reporters !!!!

Just MY observations from 'interstate' !!

Here is one a bit smaller than described, that hung around the boat in less than 4 metres of water....







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I know the guy who does the size and species estimate after an attack, He's originally from South Africa and has been studying shark attacks for decades.He has an amazing collection of jaws of great whites, bull sharks and tigers of many sizes, and others.

His estimates of the size of the shark, and he always emphasizes they are estimates, are based on the size and shape of the wound(s): the arc, or curve of the bite mark(s) is a good guide to the size of the jaws (matched to his collection) and hence the size of the shark.  

The type of wound is an indicator of the species of shark. The type of wound signifies the style of teeth involved and hence the type of shark. Simplified,a great white leaves a clean cut and a bull shark leaves a nasty ragged cut because of their different shaped teeth. The way they bite and the way some sharks twist and shake their head when they bite is also something of an indicator of species involved in an attack.

Location and water temp can also aid the determination of species.

He's not a book boffin. 


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Hi Again All;

Firstly I want to apologise re the gentleman that made the observations on the bite.

I saw him on the news last night and he is certainly NOT a book boffin.

BUT no apologies to the media!!
It seems the great white has taken over as the medias favourite

A few years ago any shark that was sighted was "a "12 foot grey nurse.:"

Any reptile sighted was a "6 foot black snake."

Hopefully in the media these two veterans have ben given a well deserved retirement.:lol:

I have been involved in motor sports as an official for over 40 years.

And I can assure you any serious racing incidents I attended were NOT the ones reported in the media.

A bit of sticking to the facts would go a long way.







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