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Shoalhaven River Flathead lure fishing


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I had been advised Shoalhaven Flathead were difficult and it was not productive.

First trip out was looking that way till we stubbled upon some fish in shallow water at a very high tide.




Landed about 4 fish to 63cm on Black and Gold squidgies. The 63cm fish was returned.

We came back later in similar tide position for very little. In fact the next 2 trips were just about blanks.

Started to search a little further out and found fish again at high tide. Looked for deeper drop-offs in the same area to locate fish at other parts of the tide.

Found more fish working the edges of fast flowing water by tossing lager jig-heads amongst the patches of weed.

Eventually started to build up a pattern. I am now using " Charted Waters" ( app that gives water depth ) to locate similar water to the area that has been successful.

Some days they are tricky on soft plastics so a change to hard bodies or blades may be required.

I am looking forward now to getting some on Fly




Hope you get some,


Geoff and Evi



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Nice work Geoff and Evi. That’s what fishing’s all about. If you don’t find them in one area move on until you do! What works one day, might not just work the next so be flexible! Enjoy!!! 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

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Nice flatties!! 

Has definitely been quieter than last year for my land based spots on the shoalhaven. They are there but just not the sizes of last year. 

Great work. 



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