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Gday raiders, hit the upper end of woronora river for the first time on Sunday morning, I initially went out chasing bream and Eps and hopefully a sneaky bass but the tide had started to turn and as a result most of the snags were starting to be exposed so with the tide running out the flattys were turning on.

I got a few tips off the hunt for bronze about the area and lucky enough I was onto to some fish in no time, a munroes 2.75” paddle tail in motor oil and zman 2” grub in watermelon red on 1/16th jig head done the damage for the day.

I was lucky enough to only lose one fish for the day on 6lb the fish were definitely testing me having to retie my lure on every couple of casts lol. The biggest fish went 52cm with a few in the mid 40s and a handful of smaller tackers, all in all it was a successful morning on the water.
All fish were released to fight another day. 

PS. If anyone fishes the woronora regularly my Dm will be open to any tips or spots 🤫 lol

Follow my Instagram  to follow my fishing journey footage coming soon, Tight Lines🤙🏽 - @SWFisho






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9 minutes ago, masterfisho7 said:

There some nice flatheads well done many years ago we had a week ender at the Woronora fished there with my grandfather in the boat for blackfish and as a kid swim in the river 

It’s a great little get away for the kids I’ll definitely be going back there with the kids in summer ! 

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I launched from the park across from the RSL club near a little inlet and paddled up river just past the last jetty’s then drifted back, I’ve fished only fished the upper end once and now the upper reach once, I’m still new to this part of the river so I’m not exactly sure as to the places your referring to but I’d be happy to learn more about the system 

9 hours ago, onearmedfisho said:

nice mate i regularly fish the upper wonny and always launch at Bonnet Bay. How far from the needles were you getting them? Up past Sandys and the horse?


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I paddled about 1.2 maybe 1.5km I’ll be heading deeper into the river next time I feel like there would be some good fish up there I seen plenty of bait in the area I was fishing 

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13 hours ago, motiondave said:

you are going well upstream from the road bridge? further up from the reserve?

Yeah mate I launched from there headed up river past all the jetty’s 

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