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Beach fishing


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Hi all

Taking the family on the easter long weekend up forster area

Can someone pls tell me which beach will be good for fishing with the family

Planning to use ganged pillys and mullet strips

Ill be bringing my 12ft combo 

Thanks in advance 

Wishing everyone a safe and happy easter

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14 minutes ago, Jewhunter said:

Janies corner usually produces good fish. Easy enough to get to & always a nice gutter there somewhere.

Google will show you where it is & how to get there.

Thanks mate

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13 hours ago, mattfinn said:

I’ll be in sandbar on Smith’s lake just south of you. Goodluck will be hitting Cellito some nice gutters along there especially the northern corner that’s mostly protected. 

Thanks mate 

Might check out sand bar sat pm 

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