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Hairtail season in Cowan creek


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This is my second time out catching hairtails in Jerusalem bay on a kayak.  A month ago I caught one hairtail and thought I could do better, I caught 3 hairy and dropped a dozen. Used 3 gang hooks but not a single hookup very fiddly pickers. Changed to treble hook better result but the sardine bait was to big for the treble hooks, so added two treble hook to thin steel rod. 100% solid hookup and fish could not shake to unhook.20180804_165733.thumb.jpg.51a33ca627e4108a7a6d317716225d56.jpg20180803_161723.thumb.jpg.1fca917950554b6eb4fe0a8e04efb9cd.jpg

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13 hours ago, Pat Williams said:

Nice one mate! Been considering doing a trip out there in my little rooftop tinny, just wondering where's the best spot to put in to fish Jerusalem Bay if you're fishing from a 'yak or very small tinny?


Hi Pat. The map below is in Jerusalem bay. The bay is shallow , where I marked  is 14.3 meters deep and anchor in deepest water. Cast into the lines marked.

looks like hairtail  most active there because of bait fish. From experience these fish are caught within 50 meter from shore when  I was land based fishing. Of cause it has to be deep waters. I used large green led lantern waterproof 5m under the kayak to attract baitfish and hairtail. I used sounder but no hairtail under the kayak the whole time anchored there.

Set your float 3 to 6 meters to bait. I used 3 rods varying as above and all rods was biting.

Depending on tide, set your depth. 

Best bites time  are rising tide from sunset. I anchored around 6pm and high tide was 2.30 am. Biting from 6pm  to 1am waited till 2.30am but no bites. So packed up and head back.

Used flashing led lights  70cm above bait. Used part of umbrella automatic folding ones.

It's about 10cm long and has holes either ends fit split ring with two small treble hooks. 

Cut sardine bait to size and insert umbrella rod with hook and link to your line.

Hope this is helpful. Its hairtail season now dont miss out. It's cold out there be warm. I used balaclava and hot flask drinks.

Good luck mate.20180805_092811.thumb.jpg.a019fc58c4e77baac26aff21b06d42ca.jpg

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17 hours ago, fragmeister said:

That is one tricked up Hobie!

Give us a quick rundown of what gear you have on board.





Hi Jim its Hobbie pa14 with ama sidekick outrigger. Some might say overkill with outrigger but I have flipped this stable kayak and lost my gears, since with sidekick it's near impossible to flip unless in surf. 

Its mirage peddle drive 180. Reversible. I have paddle for emergency but 99% never used. I have a motor to assist long voyages and coming back makes it effortless. Does 5.7km/h best water conditions and with mirage 7.4km/h. That's maximum speed for hobbie pa14  the hull speed. The motor is Bixpy jet. It's about 1hp motor driven by 404w lithium battery with remote control runs 80min full power or 3hrs half power. I carry 3 battery and full power unless trolling at low speed.

Sitting on a vantage seat it's incredibly comfortable I was on this seat for 10hrs. I do offen get up and stretch my legs the ama sidekick make it so stable and safe.

Use coopper anchor 1kg blue, rigged with quick trip link no cable ties if it gets stuck reset very easy. 50m rope attached to a small boay with quick release carabina. Anchor can be dangerous at swells and strong currents the ama sidekick makes so safe to pull in your anchor at any angle or position. 

Behind the seat is hobie xl live well tank 42litre. Keeps all my catch alive even my hairtails. It comes with 4 rod holders. Battery operated built in to pump fresh seawater to tank. 

The h- rail on pa14 is versatile and easy to install all your accessories  rod holders, cup, cutting board ,souder.

I use lawrance 4 sounder.

I transport my my kayak on trailer but never wet my trailer.

I have boondox landing gear, a permanent installed wheel system on kayak, launch any where. For sand I have sand wheels.

For night fishing I have railblazer attaching system front and back boat lights. On the boondox accessory can be attached , I have 1 inch ram ball to 1meter adjustable stand and flood with daylight led light attached.

All the batteries are inside the kayak. This kayak has huge deck and storages.

I use 6 to 7 foot rods. Daiwa , Abu garcia

Reels 2 to 4 thousand.Daiwa, pflueger.



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17 hours ago, Pat Williams said:

Nice one mate! Been considering doing a trip out there in my little rooftop tinny, just wondering where's the best spot to put in to fish Jerusalem Bay if you're fishing from a 'yak or very small tinny?


I launch from akuna bay marina boat ramp. Nice car park and well lighted and safe area and free carpark as long as your have national park ticket. No evidence of car window breakages. I think there is security there.

Bobbin head appletree  has boat ramp but not sure leaving in the carpark I've seen alot of window breakages. Use akuna bay its 2km closer to Jerusalem bay.

But a bit of drive depending where you live.


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I posted if anyone would join me for a session of Hairtail and kindly members replied with good feedbacks and information.

The day started well, did all my home chores and family matters. Arrived at Akuna bay set for launch and testing all my electrical but trolling motor would not start wasted  1 hour. Peddled out to Jb took me 75mins.

So many boats. Disappointed a party boat anchored at my hot spot. Dozen drunk men screaming, swearing and music so loud you hear them a mile away.

Anchored 100m away from them and these guys were so abusive.

It annoyed me crazy but there were having fun.

Sounder showed lots of fish the whole time I was there and I think it was hairtails.

Cast my first rod and preparing 2nd rod the float disappeared fish on. 

Dropped and missed many hairies but had I good time out there caught 5 total and a yellowtail. 

Tide changed around 9.30pm and bites gone off. Tides is going out but sounder showed lots of hairtails but there have gone deeper water from 5 to 6m to new depth 9 to 10m. Not a single bit for half an hour.

My mobile rings strangely normally dont get a single here. My daughter calls and says are you ok and replied why? Its blowing so hard at home be careful out there.

I take her advice and started packing up. It was very calm night no wind in Jb, as soon as anchor is up wind picked up getting choppy. Struggled from shark rock point to Cottage point open waters. In the middle of bay got blown away, for 20mins top speed 0.75km/h

Got to Illawong wind was behind me and pushing 4km/h no paddle no peddling  great.

Total voyage time 120mins. 

A good exercise and good feed catch night.20180812_003603.thumb.jpg.fbdd0508c9de9dc7532cc195e0fc9548.jpg

Loved it.


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26 minutes ago, sam bros said:

Thanks for the 2nd report, 

Top effort as usual.

At least you got a workout with the long paddle.

I wouldn't mind joining you on a kayak hair tail voyage one day

Hi Sam.


Yes I would be happy to go on another hairtail voyage with fellow members..

Mostly on weekends.



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