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Hey all, so in recent months I have gotten myself a yak (for both fishing and standard rec use).

I was just wondering what portable/handheld fish finders everyone uses? I've been reading about the iBobber Bluetooth unit and was wondering if anyone has words of wisdom when it comes to these portable units or any others?


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Never seen the iBobber but suspect a standard fishfinder would be more functional and have better resolution. Lowrance Hook2 4x GPS is around the same price and easy to install. Also don't have to retrieve it when moving so you can paddle around looking for structure, bait schools and bigger fish.

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Yeh I was pretty skeptical with the whole Bluetooth idea! I found a few video reviews that outline too many downfalls.

Ill have a look into the Lowrance unit and will definitely work out a removable transducer mount👌

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