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Narrabeen Lagoon Flatties


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Beautiful morning on Narra Lagoon today. Arrived at 6am with Dean and launched the two green machines. No wind whatsoever. Pefectly still. Fished until 930 or so when the wind started to pick up. 

Dean was switching between plastics and hard bodies. I was exclusively using hard bodies, slow trolling two at a time, one micro mullet and one $4 jobbie from Decathlon. 

Had a great session picking up a 60cm, 59cm and 45cm flatties as well as a couple of throwbacks and the usual small super aggresive bream. Hard bodies did all the damage. 

Massive smiles all around. Flatties for dinner!!





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Well done boys, sounds like a fun session with a few nice fish and plenty of action!

Sounds like the lake is fishing better now that the entrance is open after last weeks deluge.

Were you up the back of the lake?



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