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spring in the salt


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There's been weeks of ups and downs on the fishing front, unstable weather has made the fishing very unpredictable, since I haven't ut a report up for awhile thought I'd put one up of whats been happening since the arrival of spring.

Quite a few weeks ago now after a sudden imprivement in weather shot up to Nambucca after work for a landbased session on the high tide, with crystal clear water found the bluefin trevs that have been hanging around, went through the usual frustrating process of cast and follow and after about 1/2 hour 


they are such a painful fish you have to get their attention with fast twitches and when they chase really speed it up, after that many casts for 1 fish couldn't believe the next cast


that fuelled the confidance..... so spent the next hour fishless watching them knock each other out of the way and run rings around my lure but not eat it, got in the car to drive away and noticed a school busting u in another spot, a coupe of casts and I'm onto a better quality fish


a nice mid 30's they start packing a punch when they get over 30

went onto the usual frustrating process and kept casting for another 2 hours for 1 reasonable fish


and a small one, I always swear I'll never target them again but I can never help myself they fight hard and are a stunning fish.

Amy and I recently bought a quintrex 420 renegade, the first couple of trips were tough we fished some serious hours for not a lot of reward mostly small flathead but we did get a couple of reasonable fishP1000702.JPG.19d4f627203d3a4e8bd1a8786a99ea53.JPG





Amy also caught some sort of cod on the oyster racks in the Hastings river 


Last week the weather suddenly changed, warm temps and light winds which demanded one thing.... a pre work kayak session 

got the yak out on the main oyster racks and was greeted by glassy water


the bream were a bit spooky with the glassy conditions but they were coming aboard fairly regularly mostly small 

ut a cast in tight on a lively looking rack and almost straight away a familiar tap on the drop, the rod loaded up and the fish went nuts on the locked drag the rod went in the water to the handle multiple times trying to get him out of the rack eventually out came one of the thickest bream I've caught


not a particularly long fish but thick, and with serious attitude fish like this is why 
I fish the racks 

fished along the outside for more smaller fish and got chewed off yakside by a big flathead, heading back along the inside changed plastic colours, more small fish then noticed a better quality fish put a cast on him and he was on it in a flash


another good quality fish they go so hard on the locked drag, finished the session with a medium sized mangrove jack chasing my lure to beside the yak, if you get a chance to kayak fish the oyster racks for bream give it a go it's brutal but so much fun when every fish is a victory

that's it for the successful sessions in the last few weeks hopefully I'll have some better quality reports to put up soon

cheers for reading 




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Excellent stuff mate. Good to see a fellow sun coveruperer. None do it where I am and sometimes I get laughed at. Anyway, used to love catching the Trev's too, use the water well don't they in the fight. 

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