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Smoked Brown Trout.


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Ok, so I lost my picture of the actual fish when I caught it, 5lb brown, along with a crashed stolen car mounted on a tree stump. Got deleted somehow that days pictures. But all not lost, just add the tail section which was eaten baked, and head, binned, and use your imagination. 😁

Just now smoked with some Tasmanian oak chips and about to be eaten. Caught on a 3" green gulp minnow grub and 1/8 jig head.






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On 11/17/2019 at 5:46 PM, 61 crusher said:

Bummer about the car & photos, looks like it was a good sized brown, they taste great smoked 

Yeah mate, the worst was not having the car picture really. I stopped mid road to get a quick picture as there was nowhere to pull over properly, saw a ute a bit back, took the pic, planted the foot, turbo kicks and im off. All good. Get home, go to show the misses and the fish pic and Subaru growing out of a stump are not there! But I saw them and heard the click. Dirty as on not having the car one. Looked so funny. But it may be worse. Just yesterday went past a bush speed camera in a bishi on the roadside. No worries, my dashcam is on, shows my speed as 100k spot on. Hit the save, no worries. Get home and check it and the sd card has crapped itself and not recorded anything.  Just hope the mongrel didn't falsely ping me as I have now no evidence. 

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