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broken spring ( bail arm )


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Hi I am posting this for a friend. Hope someone can help.

I have a Daiwa D Shock 2500 reel and the bail arm spring broke on a recent north coast fishing trip. The local tackle shop up there checked it out and gave me the broken spring, so that I could try and get one in Sydney. Had one sent out to me and it is identical (except the old one is snapped) but I cannot for the life of me work out how to fit it back in. Can anyone help? A diagram, or better still a photo of the spring in place on a reel, would be terrific. If not, it's off to the tackle shop, if I can find one which actually does reel repairs. Thanks in advance.

Cheers Frank

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OK I have been informed that this clip is the wrong reel , this is an older reel and spring is different.

So still open for any help.

New info. The reel is the ABS range of reels, IF that helps.


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